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Ovarian Awareness of Kentucky (OAK) is a nonprofit group based in Louisville, Kentucky, that works to raise funds for research and testing for ovarian cancer. There are several ways that you can get involved in OAK.  

You can join an event committee. We need people to help in the planning and execution of our events. You can volunteer. Volunteers are necessary for OAK to be able to further our mission and spread awareness. We have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year, including health fairs, general awareness events and more. Join Survivors Teaching Students (STS). We need GYN survivors to join our STS program and tell their story to medical professionals and students to educate them on the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer. As always, get support! Speak with other survivors about the cancer journey and gain insight into how to live with this disease as well as celebrate hurdles that you have overcome. Our support group meetings are the fourth Monday of every month at the OAK office. And last but not least, advocate! 

Please email or join our mailing list to get involved!

Future Events

No one fights alone.

We would love to see YOU at our next event! OAK is a community of women who are raising awareness of ovarian cancer symptoms. We’d love to have you join our fight!

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Past Events

Our community of women are raising awareness of ovarian cancer year-round!

Take a look at some of the events we’ve hosted in the past. Our team works tirelessly to provide positive experiences for those affected by ovarian cancer and to raise money for cancer research. Be sure to join us for future events hosted by OAK!

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Community Outreach

You’ll often find representatives of OAK raising awareness of ovarian cancer throughout Louisville, Kentucky.

Whether we’re hosting lunch and learns, attending health fairs or having our survivors speak with medical students, our community of survivors and loved ones affected by ovarian cancer are out in the community providing education of symptoms and promoting early detection.

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